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    It’s finally here! Introducing MyAccessRequest

    Today we officially launch a total game changer to those working in the community, medical and disability sector.

    MyAccessRequest is an NDIS document generator designed and built with purpose to allow you to confidently create compliant NDIS support letters to attach to Access Request Forms.

    What is MyAccessRequest?

    Everything you need to know right here…

    MyAccessRequest was created to assist the user in submitting documents to the NDIS that meets all the eligibility requirements to ensure NDIS applicant’s request has the best prospects of success in becoming a NDIS participant.

    The document generator fundamentally cuts through the complex eligibility requirements of the NDIS and takes into account NDIS legislation, Rules, Operational Guidelines and recently decided cases from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal which concern eligibility into coherent supporting medical material.

    How does it work?

    This dynamic document generator collects data, and gives prompts to the user of the platform, which address the key eligibility requirements needed for a person to become an NDIS participant. Users can generate NDIS support letters that seamlessly integrates legislation, rules, operational guidelines and AAT cases concerning eligibility into a draft output letter.

    Key features

    What make this platform unique?

    • The document generator takes into account the NDIS’ comprehensive list of disability types covered (Intellectual, Cognitive, Neurological, Sensory, Physical and Psycho-social) and takes the guess work away
    • Prompts the user for known, available, evidence based and appropriate treatments are provided for each disability to assist in addressing permanence criteria by qualified medical researchers and practitioners as well as prompts and examples of substantial reductions in functional capacity fully integrated.
    • Complex integration of legislation, rules, operational guidelines and AAT cases concerning eligibility into draft output letter
    • Alerts for ‘List A’ conditions likely to meet the disability requirements of section 24 of the NDIS Act
    • Warning Alert for prospective participants who may soon reach the statutory age limitation of 65
    • Supporting letter (draft) sent in .PDF format to your nominated email address for ease of access

    There you have it! We are so excited to be able to offer this revolutionary platform within the community, medical and disability sectors who works within the NDIS space.

    We invite you to try this document generator yourself and benefit from a more seamless way for you to support participants and achieve a positive impact.

    Click here to try it out!

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