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    Take a sneak peak into the NDIS Pathways Review

    If you blinked, you may have missed the release of the NDIS pathway review report issued last week.

    As they say… ask and you shall receive! This milestone report addresses BIG issues that have occurred during the rollout of the Scheme and what the NDIA’s plan are to address them.

    We’ve reviewed the review so that you don’t have to!

    The findings of the review will not surprise anyone who has interacted with the NDIS. Participants reported concerns about:

    • Phone meetings
    • NDIS representatives having a limited understanding about specific disabilities
    • Inaccessible communications (like letters sent to participants with vision impairments, the Portal only available in English)
    • Inconsistent experiences
    • Having to retell their story to multiple staff members
    • Not receiving appropriate information

    Participants want greater support during the planning stage, more information about other government services available, and transparency about how the Agency was using their information to develop their plans.

    What’s changed?

    The Agency have taken the feedback from the Review to design a number of new “Participant Pathways”. These are the General & Supported Pathway that will be used by most participants, the pathway for people with complex needs, and the ECEI pathway. At this stage, only the General & Supported Pathway has been approved by the Board- see the image below.

    The new General & Supported Participant Pathways will include:

    • Opt-in, Face-to-face engagement during the planning process. The idea is that plans are established and approved during the planning meeting – reduce the burden of adding the information into a computer.
    • A consistent point of contact in the LAC for participants. Access to contact your LAC directly.
    • A stronger focus on the broader systems of support for people with disabilities. Support systems to be discussed in the planning meeting.
    • Be kept in the loop during the planning process. Transparency as to what is happening, what is required and how participants information is being used.
    • Communication that is clear and available in accessible formats. A clear focus on outcome and goals throughout the planning process.
    • Streamlined processes. An improved NDIS portal and tools, combined with more straightforward processes that will reduce administrative cost for providers.

    In turn, providers reported that they wanted:

    • More consistent clarification of policies and guidelines
    •  Reduce the administrative burden of using the provider portal
    • Easier payment claims
    • An easier provider registration process
    • Help to connect with participants and to be notified when important changes

    Consequently, the new provider pathway will include:

    • Clear and coherent policies and guidelines. Rules and policies are defined clearly and completely.
    • An updated portal that enables seamless transaction. An easy-to-use portal, providing a positive user experience minimizing the amount of administrative time on lengthy portal-related tasks.
    • Rapid resolution of online and phone enquiries. New effortless self-service with an easy-to-navigate website and portal for a higher quality user-experience. Lower wait times on the 1800 phone line and the ability for call centre staff to see the provider portal in real-timeto provide clear and consistent advice.
    • Improvements to the Provider Finder. Be found more easily
    • Notifications of significant changes. Providers will be alerted in advance to any significant changes that may affect them, in order to give time to prepare. The Agency will collaborate with providers to develop solutions and test changes before implementing them.

    The new participant and provider pathways pilot will be trialed at selected locations in Victoria before being rolled out Australia-wide. The Agency will continue to listen carefully to participants, providers and other stakeholders, and to provide regular updates on the progress that is made. So provide your feedback to the NDIA and be the change you want in the pathway.

    All in all this is a positive change to embrace. It’s a way of the NDIS to show they are listening, they have heard our cries and have implemented change.

    Read the full Review and find out more about the new pathways here:

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