Medium Term Accommodation

We provide transitional disability accommodation

Medium-term accommodation is a time-limited, transitional disability accommodation support designed to meet a participant’s disability-related housing needs whilst awaiting disability-related support which will enable them to move into their long-term housing solution.

It includes:

  • Accommodation component only
  • is provided concurrently with the participant’s informal support and NDIS-funded support,
    such as assistive technology, assistance with daily life, and community access support;
  • is only funded where there is confirmation of a long-term housing solution.

Eligibility for Medium Term Accommodation

To be eligible for MTA, participants must demonstrate a clear need for temporary accommodation linked to their disability. The NDIS will assess whether MTA is necessary and appropriate based on the participant’s individual circumstances and housing plan. This support is generally provided for up to 90 days, though this period can be extended if necessary, depending on the participant’s needs and the progress of their long-term housing solution.

Benefits of Medium-Term Accommodation

  1. Stability: MTA offers a stable living environment for participants during times of transition, reducing the stress and uncertainty associated with housing instability.

  2. Support: Participants in MTA can continue to receive other NDIS supports and services, ensuring continuity of care and support during their transition.

  3. Safety: Ensuring that participants have safe and appropriate accommodation while waiting for long-term solutions helps protect their well-being and promotes their overall health.

How to Access Medium-Term Accommodation

Accessing MTA requires coordination with the participant’s NDIS planner or support coordinator. They will help identify the need for MTA and facilitate the necessary steps to include this support in the participant’s NDIS plan. Once approved, participants can work with their support coordinator to find suitable MTA options that meet their specific needs.

Medium-term accommodation does not include:

  • MTA does not include day-to-day living costs not related to your disability support needs
    such as the cost of groceries, rent and utilities, vehicle costs etc.
  • When considering if MTA is a suitable support option, the NDIA must assess whether the
    support meets the requirements of section 34(1) of the NDIS Act 2013

The NDIS will generally not fund medium-term accommodation supports:

  • where a participant is on a waiting list for social or community housing. This excludes where there is confirmation of an offer of tenancy from a community housing provider or a state government office of housing, but the participant cannot move in because they are waiting for other disability-related supports;
  • where a participant requires Short Term Accommodation (STA) support including respite;
  • in response to a crisis or rapid changes in circumstances, unless the participant is waiting on the provision of disability-specific supports and where they have confirmation of a long-term housing solution; or
  • where the participant does not require disability-related support related to their long-term housing solution.